Reflection and Renewal

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After sifting through YouTube videos late last night, I was pleasantly uplifted in finding this. Last year Guru Amar, a University of Oregon journalism student did a feature story on the Interfaith Prayer Services and created this beautiful video.

As we move forward into a rainy weekend, the IPSI Board of Directors will be gathering for our Fall quarterly retreat. During this time we will share in a warm potluck meal and reflect on our “Visions for the Future”, a list we compiled last year of our short and long term goals. Where are we now? Where would we like to go? (See below from excerpts from that list and how far we’ve come! Woohoo!)

We are also dialoguing about ideas for the year to come, including an Interfaith Panel discussion in January. Where would you like to see Interfaith in our community? What are you spiritually thirsting for? We hope to engage a wider audience and welcome you to share with us your ideas and hopes for the future.


Short Term:

-Muslim Board member/ Board members from more faith traditions/ More board members

-Increased attendance and interest

-Providing a forum for interfaith healing (the services provide a space to heal and heal in solidarity with the faith community)

-being a vehicle for peace

Digital library on computer of past, present and future services (website)

-More structured monthly advertising and publicity

-New website/ Update website

-Social media networking

-More focus on prayer at the services and on the board

-Promote a well-known spiritual figure at a community event (host a spiritual figure to promote awareness)



-A national interfaith service

-Sell a product/ service

-selling videos

-put on a concert


-collaboration/ communication w/ other interfaith groups/ cities

-IPSI symposiums/ conferences (all IPSIs all over the world would come together)

-worldwide outreach/ national

-find a business sponsor

-sponsor humanitarian causes

-give an annual peace award

-website blogs/book visibility

-solid place in community

– younger audience/ involvement

-mediations w/ religions that are in conflict w/ each other


Peace be with you, and we hope to see you Thursday December 11th!