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Interfaith Perspectives: The Weight of the Encyclical’s Call

One of the goals of the Interfaith Prayer Service is to outreach with secular and faith communities around issues of world peace and unity. We hope to begin a series of ongoing “Interfaith Perspective” panels to address and explore these issues.
The Pope’s recent encyclical calls us to action and discernment.
Climate Panel flyerThe Interfaith Prayer Services International (IPSI) of Eugene, is hosting community forum/panel discussion with faith and community leaders exploring the implications of this call. On Thursday, the 30th of July, at 7 PM join us in this important community discussion.
The Panelists include:
Rabbi Jonathan Seidel, moderator
Rabbi Ruhi Sophia Motzkin Rubenstein, Temple Beth Israel
Mel Bankoff, Partners for Sustainable SchoolsClimate Panel flyer
Father Tom, St. Jude’s Church.
They will be exploring questions such as:
How do you understand the importance and the impact of the Pope’s Encyclical on the Crisis of Global warming and rampant consumerism and destructive business practices? Do you have any reservations or criticism?
How is your faith community (or your circle of consciousness if you are not “affiliated” with an Abrahamic) responding to Pope Francis’ cry for action? And how does this community respond to the apocalyptic warning that its “too late” for the earth– i.e. combat fatalism?
What do we do now? With the understanding that local action is beneficial and catalytic and important, how do we act globally considering the problem is so urgent and universal? What types of platforms of communication and/or global action, including the Internet, might stir the right kind of efficacy?
We invite all concerned citizen of Lane County to the community forum.The Service in Class Action Committee at the UUCE is a co-sponsor of the event.

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