The first Interfaith Prayer Service was October 11, 2001. Terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 acted as a catalyst event to bring together people of different faith traditions in prayer and support of one another. There has been an Interfaith Prayer Service every 11th day of the month since then. Each month, people of at least 8 different faith traditions offer a prayer, song, chant, poem or reading from their sacred texts that relates to the prayer service theme. From the beginning, IPSI is an organization made possible by the wisdom, insight, and spirit of unity contributed by many, including Reverend Dan Bryant of First Christian Church, whose sanctuary has been host to every IPSI monthly service.

A Divine Vision

As received by Siri Kaur Khalsa-Harris and used as the guiding principles by the IPSI Board of Directors.

“Start and keep consistent monthly interfaith services to:

  • uplift and heal,
  • build a sacred space of deep respect and appreciation of one another,
  • raise the level of God’s Power through unity while celebrating diversity,
  • encourage the demonstration of compassion which can lessen the stranglehold of fear and intolerance on the world,
  • build a God-conscious platform of cooperation, trust and goodwill others will want to emulate,
  • provide a venue for the common good of all, leaving aside personal agendas, proselytizing and politics.”

“Pray, meditate, sing and chant in all faith traditions and all languages to improve our relationship (personal and collective) with God because there are:

  • too many wars in the name of God,
  • too many blaming God for the ills of the world,
  • too many feeling it is their duty to impress their idea of God on others,
  • too many separated from the earth God provided for us,
  • too many separated from God, the creator of all, and the Divinity we all are.”