Our Mission

  • Plan and produce consistent monthly interfaith prayer and reflection services that respect everyone’s chosen faith tradition or spiritual path while avoiding proselytizing, politics, and the social and personal agendas of either the coordinator or the presenter;
  • outreach and network resources in a cooperative team planning manner with communities and organizations of faith, as well as the civic and educational organizations which support diversity of faith traditions;
  • provide assistance, when and where possible, to faith communities and organizations throughout the world that want to initiate consistent interfaith services in their own localities by offering dialogue, inspiration, practical principles, and encouraging support, with respect to the degree assistance is wanted or needed.

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Next Service

The next service will be June 11, 2020.


Services are on the 11th of each month.

Previous Service

Here is the video and program from the service on May 11, 2020:

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Latest News

Interfaith Reflections

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“Evening of Interfaith”-DVD Launch Party!

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“Evening of Interfaith”-DVD Launch Party!


An Evening of Interfaith

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We hope you join us Thursday, May 14th for a movie and discussion night! We will be showing excerpts from our newly released DVD and opening it up for a loosely moderated discussion on Interfaith

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Reflection and Renewal

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After sifting through YouTube videos late last night, I was pleasantly uplifted in finding this. Last year Guru Amar, a University of Oregon journalism student did a feature story on the Interfaith Prayer Services and created this beautiful video.…

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IPSI DVD is here!

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IPSI DVD is here!

2014-11-11 dvd image

Have you wanted to share the experience of an Interfaith Prayer Service with someone?  Now you can!

Our board members Hafiz, and Sherab along with videographer Larry Doberstein have worked hard over the past year, compiling a collection of memorable …

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Remembering – Register Guard

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September 11th, 2014

Out of tragedy springs a welcoming interfaith tradition

Welcome to Interfaith Prayer Service International and its monthly prayer service, which today — exactly 13 years after hijacked jetliners slammed into the World Trade Center in New York …

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Soup, Salad and a side of Serenity; My Interfaith Experience

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Soup, Salad and a side of Serenity; My Interfaith Experience

By Emily Farthing

10599173_895633333799121_2027745575599526786_nWhat Is Interfaith? This was one of the questions being asked of myself and the other young adult panelists, at this year’s North American Interfaith Network’s conference in Detroit. I’ve had the opportunity to attend this conference …

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