Monthly Prayer Services

Dear Friends,

The 147 monthly Interfaith Prayer Service scheduled to be held at 6:45pm on Wednesday, December 11th at First Christian Church is CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER.

Please know you are all dear to me and the Board of IPSI and we will miss seeing you this month. I hope you all will say a special prayer of peace for our troubled world between 7 and 8 PM on Wednesday.

In Service,
Bill Harris

While the theme and tentative presenters for the upcoming service are usually posted on our main webpage at the beginning of the month, the following program information about the monthly Interfaith Prayer Service is always consistent so you can plan ahead.

The Interfaith Prayer Service meets in Eugene on the 11th of every month
at 1166 Oak Street, Eugene, Oregon*
.   There is free parking in the lot across the street.
(To get a flavor of our services, scroll down or click here to view a KVAL news piece covering our 9th Anniversary service.)

6:45 p.m. prelude
7:00  to 8:00 p.m. service
Followed by fellowship
Bring your family ~ Invite your friends

Did you know that there are three ways you can request a monthly reminder about each upcoming service including information on the theme and list of presenters for that month? 

Each month, a team of coordinators work together to develop the theme for the upcoming prayer service. Presenters from different faith traditions are asked to share from their hearts and faith tradition a prayer, song, poem, chant, or reading from their sacred texts that relates to the monthly theme. Each prayer service has at least eight different faith traditions represented. We have dedicated a few months to specific themes.

Some months are dedicated to specific themes (see below) and other months have unique themes chosen by the program coordinators for that month.

* While our services are held at the location of the First Christian Church in Eugene, we are an independent 501(c)3 organization not sponsored by any individual faith community but instead supported by many faith communities and individuals.  To find out more about our supporters and how you can become one of them visit our Donate page and Sponsor page.

All services are taped by Community Television Channel 29 and aired on Sundays at 6 p.m.  Copies of the televised services can be obtained for $10 each by contacting Larry Dobberstein: larryd(at)efn(dot)org.

Some of the presentations shared at the services are shared in print on our Interfaith Prayer blog.  You can view these entries as well as a review of past services here.  We are also exploring ways of sharing more of the videos of the services on our website.  Subscribe to our Interfaith Prayer Blog by RSS Feed.



We are learning each other's stories and faith traditions in a way that generates a new common language and cultural awareness.          

- Member of the IPSI Board

Interfaith Prayer Service International and Interfaith Prayer Service are the legal assumed names of Interfaith Prayer & Reflection Service, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit religious corporation registered in the State of Oregon. All donations to IPSI are tax deductible. Your donations are appreciated and allow these services to continue.