Our Mission

  • Plan and produce consistent monthly interfaith prayer and reflection services that respect everyone’s chosen faith tradition or spiritual path while avoiding proselytizing, politics, and the social and personal agendas of either the coordinator or the presenter;
  • outreach and network resources in a cooperative team planning manner with communities and organizations of faith, as well as the civic and educational organizations which support diversity of faith traditions;
  • provide assistance, when and where possible, to faith communities and organizations throughout the world that want to initiate consistent interfaith services in their own localities by offering dialogue, inspiration, practical principles, and encouraging support, with respect to the degree assistance is wanted or needed.

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Next Service

The next service will be November 11, 2016.



Join us as we celebrate the attitude of gratitude with 8 presenters from various faith and spiritual paths sharing form their tradition.


Main Sanctuary, 1166 Oak Street, Eugene, Oregon
(this is the First Christian Church building)

6:45 p.m. prelude
7:00 to 8:00 p.m. service
Followed by fellowship
Bring your family and friends!
FREE CHILDCARE is now available at all services!

Services are on the 11th of each month.

Previous Service

Here is the video and program from the service on October 11, 2016:

Latest News

“Evening of Interfaith”-DVD Launch Party!

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“Evening of Interfaith”-DVD Launch Party!

  An Evening of Interfaith We hope you join us Thursday, May 14th for a movie and discussion night! We will be showing excerpts from our newly released DVD and opening it up for a loosely moderated discussion on Interfaith in our community. Where is it going? What is “interfaith” to you? How can we further “interfaith” engagement.  Food and Beverage provided. Bring smiles. 7-9pm First Christian Church-Chapel – 1166 Oak St. Eugene, Or 97401   Thanks to Cynthia Vignos for her graphic design donation to IPSI in help with this event. Check out her website at: www.bluemoondm.com  ...

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Reflection and Renewal

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  After sifting through YouTube videos late last night, I was pleasantly uplifted in finding this. Last year Guru Amar, a University of Oregon journalism student did a feature story on the Interfaith Prayer Services and created this beautiful video. As we move forward into a rainy weekend, the IPSI Board of Directors will be gathering for our Fall quarterly retreat. During this time we will share in a warm potluck meal and reflect on our “Visions for the Future”, a list we compiled last year of our short and long term goals. Where are we now? Where would we like to go? (See below from excerpts from that list and how far we’ve come! Woohoo!) We are also dialoguing about ideas for the year to come, including an Interfaith Panel discussion in January. Where would you like to see Interfaith in our community? What are you spiritually thirsting for? We hope to engage a wider audience and welcome you to share with us your ideas and hopes for the future.   Short Term: -Muslim Board member/ Board members from more faith traditions/ More board members -Increased attendance and interest -Providing a forum for interfaith healing (the services provide a space to heal and heal in solidarity with the faith community) -being a vehicle for peace Digital library on computer of past, present and future services (website) -More structured monthly advertising and publicity -New website/ Update website -Social media networking -More focus on prayer at the services and on the board -Promote a well-known spiritual figure at a community event (host a spiritual figure to promote awareness)   Long-Term: -A national interfaith service -Sell a product/ service -selling videos -put on a concert   -collaboration/ communication w/ other interfaith groups/ cities -IPSI symposiums/ conferences (all IPSIs all over the world would come together) -worldwide outreach/ national -find a business sponsor -sponsor humanitarian causes -give an annual peace award -website blogs/book visibility -solid place in community – younger audience/ involvement -mediations w/ religions that are in conflict w/ each other   Peace be with you, and we hope to see you Thursday December...

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IPSI DVD is here!

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IPSI DVD is here!

Have you wanted to share the experience of an Interfaith Prayer Service with someone?  Now you can! Our board members Hafiz, and Sherab along with videographer Larry Doberstein have worked hard over the past year, compiling a collection of memorable presentations from the last 13 years of Interfaith Prayer Services. You can purchase this DVD at our next service and is now available online for $20.00 (plus $3 for shipping). All proceeds go towards future IPSI services and treasured moments of unity, love, respect and peace. Order now! Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Shipping...

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Remembering – Register Guard

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September 11th, 2014 Out of tragedy springs a welcoming interfaith tradition Welcome to Interfaith Prayer Service International and its monthly prayer service, which today — exactly 13 years after hijacked jetliners slammed into the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and a field in rural Pennsylvania — is still going at First Christian Church....

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Soup, Salad and a side of Serenity; My Interfaith Experience

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Soup, Salad and a side of Serenity; My Interfaith Experience

By Emily Farthing What Is Interfaith? This was one of the questions being asked of myself and the other young adult panelists, at this year’s North American Interfaith Network’s conference in Detroit. I’ve had the opportunity to attend this conference the past two years as a representative of The Interfaith Prayer Service International.  As I rolled this question around in my head and heart and listened to other young adults share, I realized my experience of Interfaith was “soupy”. The Soup/ Salad metaphor is often used when describing interfaith engagement. “Soup”, referring to the melting pot of different cultures and traditions, sharing with one another and meshing traditions and beliefs. The “salad” being the respect for each traditions uniqueness and the coming together of different yet equal parts. When I discovered the Interfaith Prayer Service, one could argue I was either at the lowest of lows or the highest of highs in my life. Newly sober I was spiritually seeking trying desperately to fill the hole that was once momentarily satisfied with vodka.  I met Siri Kaur Khalsa at an Interfaith event at Temple Beth Israel and immediately started attending these services. The immersion in a variety of different faiths for an hour of prayer and meditation, soothed my soul and opened my heart and head. Each month my spirit is challenged with new songs, sounds and texts. I never knew diversity in Eugene to be so rich as when I discovered IPSI. My experience in Interfaith has been a pluralistic adventure of building a closer connection to God and  the community. What is Interfaith? Coming to a common ground with diverse individuals and/or groups. It is sharing experience, strength and hope that we may better work together. It is learning, loving and being challenged to open your head and your heart a little more… Interfaith is what you experience at each Interfaith Service. Soup, salad or whatever you make of your unique experience. I am so grateful to live in a community that offers that opportunity to share and enjoy...

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